Agriculture & Animal husbandry Service


We will offer you consulting in the sphere of agriculture of Georgia, on the basis of your requirements and interests we shall prepare business-plan and offer you various proposals in connection with issues of animal breeding, fishing, poultry keeping.

Obtaining all required permits at appropriate authorities and organizations of Georgia.

Development and implementation of short-term, average-term and long-term projects in the sphere of agriculture, aquaculture, cattle breeding and poultry farming and supply of the products to Georgia and other counties of Caucasus, also creation of target market.

Those who wish to implement investments in the field of agriculture, Ministry of agriculture of Georgia offers necessary advice to reach success in supporting projects and persons interested in this industry will also able to participate in public tenders.

Designing and construction of industrial greenhouses, optimization of agricultural lands and pastures with use of the newest international methods.

Group of experts of «Marshall Group» Company until completion of any project initiated by you in Georgia will be by your side and will render you service at each stage of the project implementation.

Besides, Marshall Group Holding will examine all plans and stages of implementation of agricultural project, adoption whereof will be implemented by the company «Agrofood».