Tourist projects


During the last several years one of the main purposes of Georgia is attraction of foreign investors for the purpose of assistance of implementation of infrastructural projects in tourism sphere and in connection with this, by the appropriate organizations of Georgia, was examined not one supporting project.

Owing to geographic location of Georgia, big tourist potential and unique nature, not one investor became interested in maximal use of the country’s potential and during the last years in various towns of Georgia were implemented unique projects with participation of the foreign investors. Persons interested in this sphere can use consulting of Marshall Group Holding at the angle of correct planning for entering new and advantageous market of Georgia. Experts of Marshall Group Holding are ready to offer various tourist projects and plans to interested persons.

Offering various offers in connection with the issues of investment in the sphere of tourism and making correct plan for reaching success in this industry.

Submission of state plans and projects in tourist industry to interested persons and offering participation in implementation of tourist projects.