Terms and Conditions

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+ Marshall Group is obliged to submit to its legal and natural client’s information on any bargain.

+ Client is obliged to count money during receiving money from cash desk, after a client leaves cash desk, Marshall Group is relieved any responsibility;

+ Grounds for implementation of currency exchange operation is exchange rate indicated at that moment on currency purchase and sale board;

+ Client is obliged to sign receipt of currency exchange operation;

+ Mentioned currency exchange office is entitled to purchase and sale of the stated currency exchange rate. Owing to fluctuation of currency rate, exchange operations are implemented in the presence of a customer and on the basis of recalculation in currency exchange office (according to exchange rate indicated on currency purchase and sale board). Telephone and online notifications on currency rate are meant only for informing clients.


Methods of receiving sums

Transfer of the sum is implemented by means of bank system to the official bank account of Marshall Group.