Types of Residence in Georgia


In Georgia are issued the following types of residence 


Work residence permit


Is issued for implementation of entrepreneurial or labour activity in Georgia, also to persons having liberal trade.


Study residence permit  

Is issued for the purpose of study at the authorized educational institutions in Georgia.


Residence permit for the purpose of family reunion

Is issued to members of a foreigner’s family who has residence permit, living outside Georgia and wishing to live with the members of their family in Georgia.


Residence permit for former citizens of Georgia  

Is issued to foreigners who lost citizenship of Georgia.


Residence permit for stateless persons  

Is issued to persons who have a status of stateless persons in Georgia.


Special residence permit

  • Is issued to a foreigner concerning whom exists substantial supposition that he/she can be a victim or injured of human trafficking crime
  • This visa is issued to foreign states’ citizen who cannot return to their countries due to following reasons:
  • He/she is pursued for political views or actions which according to the Georgian legislation are not considered to be crime;
  • He/she is pursued for protection of human rights and peace;
  • Foreigners whose presence in Georgia is necessary for conduction of scientific researches.


Permanent residence permit

Is issued to spouse, parents, and children of the Georgian citizen. Permanent residence permit is also issued to a foreigner who on the basis of temporary residence permit lived in Georgia during the last 6 years (Observation: this period does not include period of living in Georgia for the purpose of study or treatment and period of work at diplomatic or equal representations).


Investment residence permit

Is issued to foreigners who implemented in Georgia investment in the amount of at least 300 000 GEL, and members of their family (Observation: family members are considered to be a foreigner’s spouse, minor children and fully dependant incapable and disabled persons).


Special temporary residence permit

Is issued to a foreigner who is conferred status of victim in accordance with the Georgian law

«On suppression of violence in family, protection and rendering assistance to victims of violence in family», and is also issued to foreigners and members of their family if they have real estate of the cost of more than 35000 USD in Georgia.  Such type residence permit at the first stage is issued to apartment owner who after obtaining of residence permit will be able to file application to obtain residence permit by members of his family for the purpose of family reunion.


Service of Marshall Group Holding in connection with obtaining residence permit

Work residence permit for employees  

Marshall Group Holding is proud of being able to offer its Iranian compatriots various companies operating in Georgia in education sphere and experience and on the basis of submission of employment contracts executed with them to civil registry, it will able during the shortest period to obtain work residence permit. For any additional information, please contact the consultants of Marshall Group Holding, who will answer any question related to this issue.


Residence permit obtained through opening business in Georgia  

According to the existing Georgian legislation any foreigner living in the territory of Georgia is entitled to register a company for the purpose of opening business and as soon the company is conferred identification code, to start its trade activity. Proceeding from activity sphere the owners of shares in the company are issued one-, two- and three-year residence permits. If you wish to obtain more information on registration of a company and respective laws, please contact our consultants.


Study residence permit

Foreigner wishing to study in Georgia, on the basis of the existing Georgian legislation, can enjoy advantage of study residence permit and he/she will be issued one-year study residence permit on the basis of appropriate documentation and the process of staying will last till completion of the period of study.

Marshall Group Holding, through execution of contract with numerous state and private educational institutions of Georgia, creates opportunity to obtain higher education for those who wish, get registered in mentioned institutions, and on the basis whereof within the shortest period all administrative and legal issues related with study residence permit will be settled.